• Be the Hands and Feet of Jesus

    Be the Hands and Feet of Jesus

    You want to serve, reach out, make a difference in the world. It starts with finding a church where you and your family can connect with others, love, and be loved.

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  • Worship Updates

    Worship Updates

    In response to the worldwide health crisis, Church of the Cross will not be conducting in person worship until further notice. A virtual worship service will be available here on our website!

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  • Worship With Us Online Easter Sunday

New on the Video page - Maundy Thursday Meditation

Announcing a NEW way to make sure our financial support for the Church of the Cross continues uninterrupted even if we are not attending worship in-person on Sunday morning.  Click HERE to go to the NEW on-line Giving page and follow the instructions to on-line your Tithes and Gifts! 

"Virtual" Church of the Cross is here as we together do our part to mitigate the contagion of the virus which is sweeping around the world.  "Virtual" Church of the Cross, for now, means that we will not be gathering together in-person for Sunday morning worship, but we will be sharing together, via this website, weekly sermons, scripture, prayer and songs of faith.  There will be both new Audio and Video features every week, both on Sundays and at mid-week.  To access these features on this website go to the top of this page, click on "Watch & Listen" and select Video or Audio.  There will be things to watch on the video page and often times different things to listen to on the audio page every week.  You are also invited to visit our "Church of the Cross Lexington" YouTube Channel.  There will a new Playlist for each new Sunday Worship.  Just start the Playlist for this Sunday's date and it will play the entire service in the correct order automatically.

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At the United Methodist Church of the Cross of Lexington we care for your family and extend it, nurturing community through a variety of programs, as a multi-generational close-knit congregation which cares.  Build your family’s foundation of faith at the Lexington Church of the Cross and see where God takes your vision.

When we resume in-person worship after the current world-wide health crisis, all are invited to join us in-person at 9:30 on Sunday mornings.  We are on West Main (Route 97 west) in Lexington, Ohio.  Become part of a welcoming congregation which serves our community and leads others to Christ.

Why Church of the Cross  Get Connected 

Welcome to the World Famous Church of the Cross Trivia Contest

Here are two dozen brain puzzlers .. The entry with the most correct answers will win our Top Prize .. Submit your answers to ronafterradio@gmail.com by April 15th .. In case of a tie, a drawing will determine the winner

1) What is a cubit?  2) What happens if you decide not to take the boat going to Ninevah and take passage instead on a ship headed for Tarshish?  3) Pope Pius wrote that the script was very neat and legible.  To what was he referring?  4) When Joseph was a slave, who was his master?  5) What is the LAST word in the Bible?  6) What trick could the Witch of Endor perform?  7) What song written by a "Big Band" era legend is included in the United Methodist Hymnal?  8) Doctor David Livingston was a famous 19th century missionary who spent much of his life searching for something.  What was he looking for?  9) How are Angel Food cakes different from other cakes?  10) Where is the oldest church in America?  11) How many Shekels would a laborer have to earn to provide for a family in 450 BC?  12) Who was Tobit? (and no, he was not in Lord of the Rings)  13) Where and when were the Dead Sea Scrolls found?  14) Where did Martin Luther hide himself away while writing his milestone translation of the New Testament?  15) Name the two main characters in the Veggie Tales TV show.  16) Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman) was a well respected 19th century nurseryman and he was also a missionary for what church?  17) For whom does the bell toll?  18) Victor Hugo wrote "Hunchback of Notre-Dame" in an attempt to preserve something.  What was he trying to save?  19) Who presided over the first White House Easter Egg roll?  20) The word "Biblia" (which evolved over time into the word Bible) was derived from the name of what ancient Phoenician seaport from which papyrus was exported?  21) Who meticulously copied the most elaborately decorated manuscript of the four Gospels (The Book of Kells) ?  22) What would Eutychus tell us might happen if we should fall asleep during a sermon?  23) in 1779 a Hymnal was published which included the Hymn "Faith's Review and Expectation".  By what title do we know that hymn today?  24) How many verses are there to the Battle Hymn of the Republic?

What’s Happening at COTC

In response to the worldwide health crisis, Church of the Cross will NOT be conducting in person worship until further notice.   In addition, all events and meetings are cancelled until further notice.  



Bishop Malone's Lenten Message

View Bishop Malone's Lenten Message


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