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    Be the Hands and Feet of Jesus

    You want to serve, reach out, make a difference in the world. It starts with finding a church where you and your family can connect with others, love, and be loved.

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  • Worship Updates

    Worship Updates

    In response to the worldwide health crisis, Church of the Cross will not be conducting in person worship until further notice. A virtual worship service will be available here on our website!

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  • Drive-In Worship Service

GET READY for a 'church parking lot experience' on June 7

As our collective effort to reduce the sweep of COVID-19 across America and around the world has continued for these past many weeks and across many Sundays, it has been a blessing to see how steady has been our church family’s continued support for Church of the Cross and the Lexington Child Care Center even as neither has, as of yet, been able to open for in-person Worship or Daycare.

We want everyone to know that cautiously are being laid plans for resumption of in-person worship.  At that time, among other things, the use of face masks and the way we space ourselves throughout the sanctuary will be different from what we were used to, but we will be together, in-person.

As a first step in that direction, we are planning an outdoor “drive-in” worship service on June 7th at our usual time (9:30) with cars arranged by our ushers in our parking lot (and if there is overflow in the Western Elementary parking lot) so that everyone can stay in their car and also see and hear everything from a temporary outdoor stage in the grassy area between those two parking lots.

Obviously, an outdoor worship service would be a ‘good weather’ dependent event and would be postponed to another Sunday if bad weather poses a threat to the people on stage or the people in their cars.  If the weather is threatening the morning of the 7th, please check this COTC website to see if the outdoor worship has been postponed to another date.

"Hello Church Family” We miss you all and hope that you are well.  I wanted to take a minute and let you know what our youth group has been up to. Since this virtual world has become more prominent the COTC youth group is holding strong. We meet every Wednesday via Zoom. Despite the learning curve, for me regarding technology, we have still kept our group going. We have been starting our lessons each week with the same two questions. 1. What is something that went well this week? 2. What is something new that you learned? Then we progress into game time which includes charades, kahoot, trivia, pictionary etc. After that we have our lesson for the week. I encourage all of you to attend one of our virtual sessions. Links are posted every Wednesday on the Church Facebook page. We share many laughs, jokes, and life lessons together. Hope to see you soon. Love, Natalie Blount.


Choose "Audio" from the drop down menu beneath the "Watch and Listen" tab at the top right hand corner of this page to hear Pastor Ben's thoughts looking ahead to another in our series of "Deeper Together" virtual Sunday School lessons this upcoming Sunday. 

Hello Church of the Cross Family! This is your friendly Sunday school coordinator Janie Smith.

 I hope this message finds you all well and enjoying the outdoors as spring looks to have finally arrived.  I encourage you to get outside no matter what the activity.  Whether you have flowers to plant, a bike to ride, or nothing to do at all, head outside.  You can read a book, take a walk, or even have a picnic.  My kids have enjoying playing outside and helping in the yard.  We made a birdhouse out of old wine corks and a bug hotel.  You can create a scavenger hunt or use one from the internet.  We are finishing up school for the year at our house and I am so excited for the summer.  This time has been quite a transition for me and a great challenge of balancing working from home and helping my kiddos with their school work as well.  Although as an adult life has been scary and stressful, my children are definitely experiencing this time spent at home differently.  Natalie is learning how to paint her room and she is pretty excited about the results and Myles told me he is so glad his mom is his teacher and that he gets to eat lunch at home every day.  A fun idea for a family activity to remember how 2020 was a different experience for everyone is to make a time capsule and allow everyone to contribute items to share and look back on years from now.  I cannot wait to see all of you again soon and catch up on what your families have been doing to keep busy. 

Make sure our financial support for the Church of the Cross continues uninterrupted even if we are not attending worship in-person on Sunday morning.  Click HERE to go to the NEW on-line Giving page and follow the instructions to on-line your Tithes and Gifts! 

"Virtual" Church of the Cross is here as we together do our part to mitigate the contagion of the virus which is sweeping around the world.  "Virtual" Church of the Cross, for now, means that we will not be gathering together in-person for Sunday morning worship, but we will be sharing together, via this website, weekly sermons, scripture, prayer and songs of faith.  There will be both new Audio and Video features every week, both on Sundays and at mid-week.  To access these features on this website go to the top of this page, click on "Watch & Listen" and select Video or Audio.  There will be things to watch on the video page and often times different things to listen to on the audio page every week.  You are also invited to visit our "Church of the Cross Lexington" YouTube Channel.  There will be a new Playlist for each new Sunday Worship.  Just start the Playlist for this Sunday's date and it will play the entire service in the correct order automatically.

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At the United Methodist Church of the Cross of Lexington we care for your family and extend it, nurturing community through a variety of programs, as a multi-generational close-knit congregation which cares.  Build your family’s foundation of faith at the Lexington Church of the Cross and see where God takes your vision.

When we resume in-person worship after the current world-wide health crisis, all are invited to join us in-person at 9:30 on Sunday mornings.  We are on West Main (Route 97 west) in Lexington, Ohio.  Become part of a welcoming congregation which serves our community and leads others to Christ.

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