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August 28, 2019

Grateful Prayers

You know you have a really fine home for the pastor family. We are grateful for all the work of Trustees and others put into that place. It is wonderful. Just for your information, I divide my week about 50/50 between residing in the parsonage and our home between Bellville and Butler. Either way, I am not far away. This past Sunday (August 25) my wife Beth joined us for Sunday worship. As you can imagine this is a big deal to me. She is my love and my best friend. Whenever I'm stuck, searching for new solutions, faced with a dilemma or need advise on a good book or good movie… she's right there. I know you'll enjoy getting to know her.

 I've been working today on finishing up the vision for Sunday Worship at Church of the Cross. By that I don't mean a sermon, or a theme, or even seasonal planning. I'm eager to convene a worship planning team beginning in September that collaborates on plans for the Sunday worship experience… for every season, every quarter. My aim is that an the First Sunday of Advent we have that in place.

 You have hired a great person to lead Youth Ministry in Natalie Blount. We will work nicely together. It's a really good staff. Today is the beginning of the LCDC school year as I write this. I feel their energy! Love it. Thank you for your patience with me as I get to know the congregation and community. Church of the Cross is a praying church. The river of prayer refreshes me. Oh, the ministry wrought through prayer. Oh, the lives changed wrought from prayer. Oh, the Plan God has for us… clarified through prayer. As I am invited to pray in my new shared life with you the first three words are always: thank you God.

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