Pastor's Pen - Mother's Day

May 04, 2021

This Mother’s Day, we want to recognize the challenges this past year has brought on and how we’ve
overcome them — or are trying to.

Would you be able to tell us what motherhood has meant to you this year — whether it’s been                    

  • as a school age daughter
  • as a grown up daughter,
  • as a mother to your children at home
  • or as a mother with grown up children, some with children of their own and helping them handle their
    own ‘being a mom’ challenges.

During our worship service on Mother’s Day we’ll hear a few of these stories from those prepared to share.
I look forward to hearing those stories. But I also welcome stories about motherhood challenges of the past
year that you write (anonymously or not) and place in a basket. Do you get the idea? The hour of worship
can be event of celebration and giving thanks. “God bless the dignity and strength of our mothers.”
We know that within our own church and community of friends there have been many unique stories that
are worthy of hearing and appreciating. The stories are important because they may just help us to pause,
and spend moments of much needed listening and caring. And Lord knows (!), if there is something to
celebrate about now, celebrating mothers is an excellent place to begin.

Mothers know what matters most. Mothers don’t usually like showing us the raw, honest and behind-the-
scenes moments of mothering (in a pandemic or otherwise.) The word I’m thinking about is ‘Dignity.’ Let
us try hard on this Mother’s Day and going forward to restore dignity to all, especially mothers of all ages.
A lot of older moms and grandmothers haven’t had the dignity shown them that they deserve in these years
of their lives. Isolation has meant for an awful lot of our older mothers (grandmothers) an array of feelings
including confusion and loneliness and fear. Working moms have been thrust into difficult to impossible
schedules and tasks where too many days end with a feeling of inadequacy. 

We know that God sees mothers.

And we know that mothers show us more of God.

Those two sentences are meditation starters. Prayer starters. I write them inviting you to read each sentence
and allow yourself some moments of prayerful pause. When God sees mothers, what does He see? Does He
see what I’ve seen? Does He see me? Where is the heart of God moving, surrounding, loving? And equally
poignant, has a mother’s love helped me see God?

Pastor Ben

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