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July 29, 2021

As the summer rolls into August activities resume in the LCDC wing at Church of the Cross.  Lexington Schools and our preschool and daycare begin August 17. Check out our director’s article in this newsletter and enjoy her enthusiasm about leading her staff and bringing ongoing as well as new families into our program for young ones. Jenny and I frequently discuss ideas about what we call The Bridge, essentially a more intentional linkage between the church congregation and the people, young and old of LCDC. Here are a couple of things we’ve discussed:

On Sunday August 8 the Mission and Outreach Committee is sponsoring an outdoors worship service followed by fellowship, fun and food in the fellowship hall. We’ve invited the LCDC staff, spouses and children to this event. As a church we’ll be able to surround them with blessings and enjoy creating more familiarity between church congregation and teachers and staff. It makes sense for The Bridge to become a prayer asking God to bless the school year, the entire LCDC mission to families… as a new year is launched.

The pastor role in the LCDC is something that I’m embracing in a new way for the upcoming school year.  I will be a part of  teacher and staff orientation and play a more prominent role as encourager, participant in activities every week, developer of a relationship with each child and every teacher, every staff member.  My initial guess is that this would involve spending a few hours each week sitting in on storytelling, joining some play activities (especially in the afternoons), knowing the rough ideas of curriculum, theme of each week, etc. and perhaps bringing some music and movement to classrooms.

The Bridge is a metaphor for something that has always existed, COTC and LCDC linked through love and relationships. We’ll figure out, as the year unfolds, creative ways to bring The Bridge to Sunday Morning Worship. Think of that metaphor as a symbol of growing, deepening, and enriching the relationship… and therefore God’s mission through His chur

Pastor Ben

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